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Stella Flannery
Kansas City, MO
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Professional Pet Sitters
"Improving the quality of pets' lives, one pet parent at a time"
The PetSaver course is perfect for pet owners and Pet Care
Professionals. The 8-hour class includes pet CPR, first aid,
rescue breathing, bleeding protocols, shock management,
dental care, geriatrics, and much more.
Pet CPR classes in Kansas City
PetSaver classes available for
firefighters, EMT, paramedics, and
nurses at a discounted rate.

Stella Flannery for details
"Fireman's Daughter" discount
PetSaver   8 Hour
Two Year Certification
CPR only   5 Hour
One Year Certification
Payment Options
Pet First Aid Kits - Starter Kits for Pet Sitters, Groomers, etc.
Upon completion of the certification course, purchase a kit with  
everything you need to be prepared to assess the situation and    
respond appropriately for the 6 most common pet emergencies.
Celebrating your pets for over 30 years! Thank You Kansas City!