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Critter Sitter Connection, LLC        P.O. Box 45371        Kansas City, MO 64171        Phone:  (816) 454-8862
Meet the Owner
Stella Flannery
Kansas City, MO
P.O. Box 45371        
Kansas City, MO 64171        
Phone or Text:  (816) 454-8862
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Stacy N. Flannery
A writer, a poet, an artist, and a lifetime student of the natural world, Stella Flannery
began caring for animals at a very young age.

"I started volunteering at the lakeside nature center, and attended rocky point day
camp each summer.  I was the girl caring for the science room pets, and bringing
home any critter I could find."

Stella graduated high school a semester early and attended college in Northern
Wisconsin, studying Biochemestry at Northland College where she was
immediately drawn to volunteer on the Wolf Research Team.  After 3 1/2 years, she
moved on to Seattle and studied Herbal Sciences at Bastyr University.

"I have always approached a relationship with creator through the study of plants
and animals and our relationship to them.  I believe science and spirituality are not
mutually exclusive, but point to a greater connection and a purpose in being a
steward of life; and that both also point towards our innate power to create and
fulfill our dreams."

"There is so much more to being a professional pet sitter than simply a love of
animals.  I have come a long way and learned a lot over the years.  I have always
had a special ability to connect and care for critters and creatures big and small,
but in January 2015 I obtained two certifications; I am a professional pet sitter and
an instructor of Pet CPR, Pet First Aid and Care."
Professional Pet Sitters
Celebrating your pets for over 30 years! Thank You Kansas City!